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Expert base proposal for protection

Cres i LošinjThe State Institute for Nature Protection on the request of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection drafts an expert base proposal for the protection of an area in order to establish the value and define the best management methods for the area. The expert base proposal contains a detailed description of the area's characteristics and values, an assessment of the state of the area, the consequences stemming from the proclamation of protection, in particular regarding ownership rights and existing commercial activities, and an assessment and source of the necessary funds to implement the act proclaiming a protected area.

In addition to the procedure for protecting new areas, the expert base proposal is also drawn up for changes in categories and/or changes in boundaries of an existing protected area.

When drawing up the expert base proposal, the State Institute for Nature Protection collects data, conducts research and gives an overview of the values of the area proposed for protection from biological, geological, geographical, cultural, historical and sociological aspects, and also provides an analysis of the current state of the area and all existing methods of use of the area. The development of the expert base proposal is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary process, and often includes experts and scientists from various fields, working together with the Institute staff as external associates. Based on the collected data and analysis, the expert base proposal defines the optimum means of protection (category), determines protection measures and gives guidelines for the future management of protected areas.

The content of the expert base proposal varies depending on the category of protection and the values being protected in a given area. Typically, it contains the following chapters:

  • Summary and introduction
  • General information (proposed name of the area, description of the boundaries, surface area)
  • Characteristics of the area (position, geological, geographical and hydrological characteristics, landscape, cultural and historical values and biological values - flora, fauna and habitats)
  • Position of the area in relation to the proposed Natura 2000 network
  • Analysis of existing use and current state of the area
  • Proposed category of protection and protection measures
  • Management guidelines
  • Assessment and sources of funds necessary to carry out protection
  • Cartographic overview (position of the area, proposed boundaries, cadastre data, habitat map, geological map, Natura 2000).

Since its establishment in 2003, the State Institute for Nature Protection has drafted expert base proposals for the protection, re-categorization and changes to boundaries of 48 areas.

Name of the area Category Remark Year of expert base proposal Year of protection
Oleandri - Slano Habitat reserve   2004  
Crnika  Geological/paleontological reserve  

2005 2012

Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke Monument of park architecture   2005  
Medvednica Nature park Change in boundaries 2005 2008
Dolina Dretulje Habitat reserve   2005  
Odransko polje Significant landscape   2005 2006
Lastovsko otočje Nature park   2005 2007
Vransko jezero s dijelom Jasena Ornitological reserve Change in boundaries 2006 2010  
Una Regional park   2006 2008  
Rijeka Plitvica Significant landscape   2006  
Moslavačka gora

Regional park

  2006 2010 2011
Gornji Majkovi Herpetological reserve   2006  
Delta Neretve Nature park   2007  
Špiljski park Grabovača Significant landscape   2007  
Mrežnica Nature park/Regional park   2007 2010  
Andrijina lipa u Gornjem Knegincu Monument of park architecture - single tree   2008


Sunjsko polje Significant landscape   2008 2013  
Silbanski grebeni Significant landscape   2008 2012  
Perivoj sv. Jakova u Opatiji Monument of park architecture  


Platana na Brsaljama Monument of park architecture - single tree   2009 2010
Soline Park forest   2009  
Cres i Lošinj Regional park   2009  
Karišnica i Bijela Significant landscape   2009  
Veliki Pažut Ornitological reserve Re-categorization and change in boundaries 2009 2010 2011 2011
Mura i Drava Regional park   2009 2010 2011
Pašnjak Iva Significant landscape   2009 2010
Krapje Đol Ornitological reserve Change in boundaries 2009 2014  
Jama Vrtare male Geological/paleontological nature monument   2009 2012  
Turjak-Mališćak-Pliš-Lapjak Botanical reserve   2010  
Arboretum Lisičine Park forest   2010  
Zelenjak - Cesargradska gora Significant landscape Re-categorization and change in boundaries 2010 2011 2011
Hrast Galženjak Nature monument - rare tree speciment   2011  
Stoljetna lipa u Desiniću Monument of park architecture   2011  
Primoštenski vinogradi "Bucavac" Significant landscape   2011  
Trpinja Grassland reserve   2011  
Turski grad Park šuma   2011  
Kanjoni Pljuskare Paleontological nature monument   2011  
Julijev park Monument of park architecture   2011  
Kanjon rijeke Cetine Significant landscape   2012  
Gović Park forest   2012  
Špilja u kamenolomu tounj i špilja Tounjčica Geomorphological nature monument   2012  
Lunjski maslinici Significant landscape   2012  
Dinara Nature Park   2013  
Hrvatsko zagorje Regional Park   2013  
Rovinjski otoci i priobalno područje Significant landscape Change in boundaries 2014  
Gorjanovićev praporni profil u Vukovaru Geological nature monument   2014 2016  
Baraćeve špilje Significant landscape   2015 2016
Sava iznad Zagreba Significant landscape   2015